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So Ken Lay bit the big one? Uh huh ...

1.) Bushco 'faked' his death and has him living in the caymans for the rest of his fat oinking neocon life.

2.) Bushco had him offed because it'd be too risky to leave him alive with the dirt he has on them.

3.) Lay offed himself because his fat ass couldn't deal with the scandal of actually not getting away with assraping the finaces and futures of thousands upon thousands of people.

4.) God being an unjust and coldhearted bitch didn't give us the satisfaction of that oinker having to spend the rest of his life outside the public eye.

Which one do you believe?

All I know is that I've no doubt his corpse will be desecrated eventually. And done so in a most public manner.
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I freely admit to being paranoid(1). I freely admit that some of the things that I have gut feelings about turn out blatantly wrong. And I also freely admit to being truly thankful when I AM proven wrong.

An attack on Detroit tomorrow would be awfully convenient for BushCo and the Repugnicans. The American Sheeple would instantly fall back into the 9/12 mentality and forget all the scandals and screw-ups that Shrubbie and his gaggle of TerrorTubbies have been linked to over the last five years.

The fact that Detroit has one of the highest Muslim population per capita wouldn't be noticed.

I also know that I'm not the only one who's had this idea. Sadly, the majority seem to be of the tinfoil hat variety. That's one of the MANY depressing thing about this decade. The Art Bell audience has started sounding less and less like the nutjob wingnuts they are at heart.

(1) It's one of the many things I acquired while in the military. That's what happens when one spends as much time under Courts Martial proceedings as I did and seen as guilty until I was cleared (by the victim no less).


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