Jun. 14th, 2007 01:01 am


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I've been reading the words of some of the other survivors. And frankly, I'm amazed that some have made it this long.

Most of you who've made it to this point will already know what I am about to put down to text. But just in case, a few things to remember once you stop panicking.

FIREBOMBING the walking dead is a BAD idea if you're trying to defend a position. Zombies are basically meat and fat encased around skeletons ( which are also full of nice and fatty marrow ). Light them up and you've now got walking torches. Whatever they fall against will also go up in flames. Only use the molotov cocktails if you're trying to make an escape.

Axes, machetes, chainsaws etc etc etc ... This ain't the movies people! All those blades can and will get stuck in the bones of what you're trying to mow down. I'm betting 99% of us do NOT possess the skill nor luck to perform a clean single strike decapitation. And the majority of that 99% do not possess the strength it takes to pull a blade from bone before you're overtaken.

Automatic firearms ... the amount it takes to actually mow down a body that doesn't register pain is materials prohibative. Don't waste the ammo. A shotgun will knock the ghoul down but it'll get back up unless you've managed to seperate the torso from the legs. a solid slug MIGHT take out the head.

Your best chances of survival ( if you've made it to a barricaded location ) is an elevated position where you're able to take the time to slowly pick them bastards off.

For my friends in (formerly) densely populated areas ... Good Night and Good luck.


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