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This region is small. You'd think that the proselytizers would have a BIG RED X over my house on their maps.

Just had one at my door.

"Good afternoon, Sir."
--- "Actually, for me, it's the middle of the night. See the sign?" *

"Oh, I'm sorry for disturbing your slumber. Do you mind if I take just a few moments of your time?" **
--- "You're already taking moment of my time. But I'll let you have a few more because I have better manners than some on this porch."

He preceeded to go into his spiel. First going on about diet and how the foods we eat affect not only us but our children ... yada yada yada.
--- " I'm a strict fruitarian. And I live alone. " ***

THEN he got into the religious part. Talking about the lies of the Catholic Church and the moral christian fundamentals this country was founded on.

And THAT'S when I saw my cue to make this lil shit cry.

" You do realize that FUNDAMENTALISM is usually the youngest offshoot of whatever organizaed religion that spawned it? It's usually populated by the most narrow minded, bigoted and judgemental people. Since the whole concept of fundamentalism is trying to force what the leaders of that cult believe the fundamentals should be ... not what they actually were. "

" I do not need your bastardized translation paid for by a monarch who made sure the translation said what he wished it to say. James' fear of witches had a passage which should actually have translated as "DO not suffer a poisoner to live." as an excuse to kill untold number of 'witches'."

" If I want to read the bible. I'll read it in hebrew and aramaic. Do you speak or read these languages? "

" Tell me. How long have you feared your badly hidden homosexuality so much that you must go door to door professing how much homosexuality is a sin? This is your way of doing it since you're too frail to have taken part in the fag-bashing of the in-the-closet jocks in high school, right? "

Ahhhh ... I feel so much better now.

* (- DAY SLEEPER: Trespassers WILL be EATEN! -)

** (- I have to hand it to the young lil shit. He only looked worried for a moment. They're making the biblethumpers out of sterner stuff. That or breeding them with lower self-preservation instincts. -)

*** (- I wasn't going to go the whole route of Born Again Breathairian. -)


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