Apr. 25th, 2006

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An Iraqi actor who starred in "United 93" is denied entry when trying to fly to the United States for the premiere of the film.

No, I'm not making a statement here. I'm just pointing out one of the many interesting little incidents that happen in Unamerica.

I don't know how you feel about all the movies coming out about "9/11" lately. I've heard from some who are disgusted. I've heard from others who are waving their "Patriot since 9/12/01" flags high in praise of the films.

Are the people making these movies trying to actually send a message out? Or are they simply maggots feasting on the corpses of those who died on that day and the thousands upon thousands who've died in countries that had nothing to do with the attack? We each have to make our own minds up on that.

*counting down the minutes before my resident counterpoint chimes in and mentions a certain turkish movie.*
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So I tried the new coke flavour, BLAK, today while doing my laundry.

The first sip was really nice. A sweet coffee flavour with bubbles and the caramel essence which is coke's signature. I enjoyed the entire bottle until the end.

It leaves a slight chemical taste in your mouth. It's like a subdued version of what is left in the mouth after drinking anything with aspartame or splenda in it.

So if you can handle diet sodas (which I cannot), enjoy coffee AND like coke. You might like the Coke Blak. I don't think I'll be buying anymore of it in the near future.
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I find it mildly comforting that I buy my shoes from a place that has a life size stature of Robert Wadlow placed in the corner of the store. There is also one of his shoes on display in a glass case on the counter.


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