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To the mother who raised me. We've caused a bunch of heartache to each other. But things have stabilized over the years.

To the mother who gave birth to me. It's been a rollercoaster since my mom introduced you to me. A ride I'd not have missed for the world.

To my grandmother (adoptive father's mother). You were the one who taught me to read before I was in preschool. You were the one who got me interested in the olde worlde fairytales and never pulled punches. YOU are without a doubt the female who's most influenced my life. You've been gone for a decade and a half now. I miss you terribly.

To my grandmother (adoptive mother's mother). You died before I got the chance to know you. I wish I had the chance.

To my grandmother (adoptive mother's stepmother). I've always loved our talks.

To my grandmother ( birthmother's mother ). I've met you only a few times. I really need to make time to do that more often.

To my adoptive sister. What can I say here? I don't agree with everything of how you've raised my niece so far. But it's the way you know.

To my sister-in-law. ( Adoptive Brother's wife ) It must be tough raising an immature brat. But you've been the best thing for my bro. He's really come a long way since you became part of his life. And you've done a great job with my nephew as well. :-)

To my sister. Two nieces and a nephew later, you're still the same opinionated lil redhead I met for the first time so long ago. We really need to get together more often.


Yeah, holidays are complicated.


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