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A week. I just needed to last one more week.

For those of you wondering about my FB post Friday night which was nothing but the word "FUCK" repeated for a few lines ...

The car was towed out of our lot Friday evening due to tickets for an expired inspection sticker. Specifically tickets from one officer coming back repeatedly to ticket the car.

Here's the situation.

The car's inspection ticket is expired because it failed inspection.
I couldn't afford to fix the car because the VA has been screwing up my disability check since February. I've been surviving on less than 150 a month since March.

Yes, you read that right. Less than $150 a month. So you can imagine how much even one $40 dollar ticket puts a bite into funds. Let alone an officer hitting you every day for a full week.

The 401K from my last job was recently liquidated. They mailed me a check. It was going to be enough to pay off the tickets AND fix the car. I just had to last until I got the check.

Now I'm scrambling to try to get money to get the car out of impound ... which means paying for all the tickets AND the storage fee which increases each day.

A week, I just needed one fucking week.
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