Jan. 8th, 2009

Jan. 8th, 2009 05:52 am


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Dammit, Randy! You need to pay for the stitches I'm going to need after busting a gut laughing so much.

Oh, dear gods! The fun I could have picking apart everything that's wrong with this. For now I'll just point out a few things:

1.) It's a first year con which is charging as pre-reg almost THREE TIMES ( $255.00) what one would pay for a 2009 DragonCon membership at the last minute( $100 ).

2.) That price doesn't include the hotel room, of course. So, even if you manage to get three other twi-fans to split the cost of the room with you, you're already out $400+ before you even add up travel, food, etc etc etc ...

3.) The "free" Meet n Greet is non-transferable. If you decide you have better things to do than spend the last weekend of July in Dallas "FUCK! I THOUGHT ATLANTA WAS HOT" Texas and actually manage to con someone into buying your membership ... they're shit out of luck for the meet n greet.

4.) They're charging vendors $750 bucks for a two-day table. Vendors are not allowed to sell Twilight themed merch without supplicating themselves properly to the TwiCon staff in advance.

Yeah, a first year con is charging over $200 dollars more than DragonCon charges their vendors ... for half the time. And I wouldn't be surprised if the vendors have to also pay for a con membership. Something which comes as part of the package for DragonCon.

5.) The Artists Alley tables are over $100 ... and the artists aren't allowed to sell anything!

6.) One of the partners is using her previous job at BORDERS to pad her "years of corporate sales and marketing" experience.

7.) It's a friggin TWILIGHT Convention!

I could go on. But all in all it seems to be a money grubbing flash and disappear stunt which the GothCon people WISH they could've thought up. The best they did was just pocket the money which was supposed to go to charities.


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